Providing caring compassionate services to those in need.

Our charitable pantry provides affordable food, clothing and other supplies to low income or vulnerable families.  We also provide schools across the country with support for food, toiletries and sanitary supplies.  

How can we help you...

If you are in need of temporary support with food for a few days or need ongoing support each month then please speak to our friendly team or visit us at the pantry in Basingstoke. Find out more about the help we provide…..

Food Pantries in Schools

MCKS Charitable Food Pantry is looking to partner with schools that require pantry cupboards within the schools and support these on a regular and permanent basis.  We can provide food, toiletries and sanitary supplies for those in need and set up a weekly delivery.

If you are a school and have students who could benefit from this ongoing service please contact us and we would be delighted to assist.


Our Corporate Partners